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Our Team

Yampa Valley Bank Officers are passionate about providing the best banking experience and bring over 250 years of cumulative Banking and Lending related experience to their customer relationships.


Here is a list of our officer staff

Executive Officer Team

  • PJ Wharton: President and CEO
  • Dave Fleming: President – Craig
  • John Piret: Senior Vice President and Chief Credit Officer
  • Lori St. Pierre: Senior Vice President and Senior Operations Officer
  • Ryan Van Ness: Vice President and Chief Lending Officer
  • Cole Hewitt: Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Information Security Officer

Steamboat Officer Team

  • Lore Marvin: Vice President and Commercial Lender
  • Becca Knowles: Vice President and Operations Officer
  • Deana Von Almen: Vice President and Human Resources Officer
  • Clarice Dean: Asst. Vice President and Consumer Lender
  • Nicole Stone: Asst. Vice President and Commercial Lender
  • Jeff Boswell: Asst. Vice President and Information Technology Officer
  • Whitney Fortna: Mortgage Loan Officer
  • Martina Walton: Commercial Loan Officer
  • Kelly Wagner: Operations Processing Officer

Craig Officer Team

  • Dave Fleming: President 
  • Cathrine Blevins: Vice President and Commercial Loan Officer
  • Jennifer Bugay: Vice President and Operations Officer
  • Kim Brown: Assistant Vice President & Agricultural and Commercial Loan Officer
  • Audrey Anna Masterson: Mortgage Loan Officer
  • Jen Ridnour: Consumer Loan Officer