Meet Our Lending Team


Team PJ Warton

PJ Wharton

President and CEO

NMLS ID: #285315

Team John Piret

John Piret

Sr. VP and Chief Credit Officer

NMLS ID: #285328

Team Ryan Ness

Ryan Van Ness

Sr. VP and Chief Lending Officer

NMLS ID: #814649

Team Lore Marvin

Lore Marvin

Sr. VP and Commercial    Loan Officer

NMLS ID: #832968

Team Nicole Stone

Kyle Gray

Assistant VP and Commercial Loan Officer

NMLS ID: #1108245

Team Jeff Oamek

Jeff Oamek

Consumer Loan Officer



Team Dave Fleming

Dave Fleming


NMLS ID: #285346

Team Cathrine Blevins

Cathrine Blevins

VP and Commercial Loan Officer

NMLS ID: #960753

Team Kim Brown 

Kim Brown

Assistant VP and Commercial / Ag
Loan Officer

NMLS ID: #780205

 Team Jen Miller

Jen Miller

Consumer Loan Officer

NMLS ID: #1712560


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