Mobile Deposits at YVB

With our mobile app, you are able to make deposits at anytime from anywhere! 

Instructions for YVB Mobile Deposit

Simply enroll for online banking and download the Yampa Valley Bank app on your smartphone. The app will walk you through the process of capturing images of the check and submitting. There are a few important items regarding checks submitted via mobile deposit:

  • Mobile deposit requires a special endorsement. Your deposit will be rejected without this endorsement. You must endorse with:
    1. Payee Signature or Business Endorsement (should match payee on check)
    2. Write the words "Mobile Deposit" under this signature
  • You cannot deposit checks from foreign countries or checks made out to someone not on the account. You cannot deposit a check signed over to you via mobile deposit. 
  • The cut-off time for mobile deposit each day is 4pm. Approved deposits will credit on a schedule of every 2 hours, up until the cut-off time of 4pm.
  • Lastly, please hold on to your check until you know your deposit has been accepted. The bank recommends keeping the item for 7 days, and then shredding the item. 


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